Our goal is to be the very best at restorations and custom installation of classic antique automobiles. Our specialty are motor cars from turn of the twentieth century to the late fifties.
We enjoy a challenge when it comes to the interiors of these classic works of craftsmanship, and we take great pride in what we do. We utilize today's technology and our experience to develop techniques which will deliver a look which any motor car owner can be proud of. We maintain the highest standards with each project, focusing on the most minute details to assure that every project is exceptional.
Every build is based around master craftsmanship, sound mechanics, and high quality components to create the visual appeal. We enjoy providing our customers with an award winning interior that fits the performance, comfort, and safety needs that everyone looks for. 

We look forward to working with you to recreate a classic automobile and relationship of distinction and lasting quality.
Petter Davidsen, Proprietor

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